Friday, January 12, 2007

January 12, 2007

We left for Portland on January 11th. We decided to fly to Portland so we could see the family, I haven’t been home for about 8 months and Tyler hasn’t been back since we moved. There was snow on the ground and I got to see everyone. We left for the clinic early on the 12th when we got there I already loved the clinic it was a smaller environment then the last place and everyone seems so friendly! Tyler kept making jokes about how he though the doctor was going to be sick and they were going to have to reschedule. Well as soon as he met with us he said I’m not going to shake your hand I’m sick today… Tyler called it. The Doctor was so friendly and we both liked him. He gave Tyler an exam to determine if he had sperm. I guess they can tell by the size of the testacies. Well Tyler is a wonderful size. Then it was my turn I had an ultra sounds done of my insides. It was really cool to watch on the screen. I kept thinking the whole time how much cooler it would be when I could see a baby on the screen. Tyler was watching my toes the whole time he thought that the ultra sound looked painful and he was watching my toes to make sure they weren’t curling up. After our exams we went and talked to the financial lady. She was so nice and easy to talk to. I like there way of handling things at this clinic. Basically they’ll bill your insurance first and it they don’t cover it then they’ll send it to you. Everything seemed so much more reasonable, we need to find a clinic back home that will do my monitoring so we still need to look into the costs of the monitoring. We then went and got our lab work taken then we left for our hotel.

That night we finally met Mark, Julie and the babies. We had so much fun I could have spent the whole night talking. Their babies are just so beautiful. Even Tyler was saying in the car how cute they were.

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