Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 28, 2006

I had my first appointment today with the gynecologist. It was a basically a normal appointment. They did recommend taking an extra test (can’t remember what it was called) because the fertility clinic will want me to have it done. Then the nurse said they were going to ask for all these other test for HIV and some other venereal disease and I was said “Um, I’ve only been with my husband is it necessary?” She said it didn’t matter they would want it. Later the doctor said that he didn’t think we needed to do it until the doctor said to do it because it’s about $500 worth of test. Later when I got home Tyler said, “You should have just done it.” Oh well next time. They also gave me a prescription for pre-natal vitamins. They said the over the counter stuff doesn’t really do much because it’s low in a bunch of vitamins and since you should be taking it before you get pregnant I started right away.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15, 2006

We are finally ready to start trying!!! Tyler’s doctor has just had a baby so we’ve waited for her to return to the office so we could get her recommendations for infertility specialist; we wanted to make sure it was someone who understood Cystic Fibrosis. We asked for the name and number and of course they couldn’t find the contact list. I wanted to cry, I wanted that number so bad! They said they would call with the information but I decided if I hadn’t heard by Monday I was going to call. Tyler called on Thursday to remind them and by Friday we had the information. The clinic is Southeastern. I called right away to find out what we needed to do. What to bring, how to schedule. They told us to go online and go through all the doctors bio’s and decide which one we wanted to work with and fill our registration form. To bring in all our medical records, medications, notes from doctors and a normal Pap smear test and to check with our insurance on coverage because although most insurances don’t cover it, it is very awesome if you have anything. So right away I got started I called the insurance and it turns out we are 100% covered (Jesus sure does love us) will see though as time goes by, 100% just seems too good to be true. I scheduled my gynecologist appointment, Tyler’s Semen analysis test. We agreed on Dr. Elsner, and sent in our reg. form. Our first appointment with her is December 12th.

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