Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16, 2007

I have an order from Dr. Opsahl to get a HSG and a SHG. I called my Gyno and he wouldn’t do them he claimed that if I was pregnant then it could injure the baby. I was like well I can’t get pregnant until I get this done. He knew where doing the IVF too. The clinic did give me a name of radiology clinic that should do it because I had the doctor’s note. I was able to schedule an appointment for Thursday the 18th and the next for Tuesday the 23rd. I called the clinic that Dr. Opsahl suggested I check out for monitoring since he new one of the doctors but they no longer will monitor people who are going out of town. I called Emory clinic too but I never heard back. Tyler and I thought about it and we possibly might just have me stay with my Aunt or a friend in Kirkland during all the monitoring just so there is no mix ups and to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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