Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18, 2007

I went in for my HSG today. I was told to take 3-4 advil 30min. before to help with cramping. I was then called later to make sure they told me about the advil. All the warnings started making me nervous so I took m 4 advil and left for the appointment. During the procedure they fill your tubes with a liquid die and take x-rays to see if your normal. The procedure starts off like a pap smear with the clamp and all well the lady put the clamp in then the tub (like a skinny hose) then realized she put the clamp in wrong and said sorry I’m gonna have to yank on your uterus. I was already cramping really bad I was like “OH HELL” I will say I felt a bit better once she fixed it but the fixing part was not very pleasant. I got to watch the screen as they did the procedure and it was really amazing seeing it like that… Of course I was really cramped up and trying really hard to breath… I was just trying to think of that baby I wanted so badly. I was also thinking if this hurts this bad I’m definitely going to need an epidural. Then they wanted me to lay on my right side (I did not want to move) so me being the dance teacher that I am I got all confused with right and left. I was saying your right or my right then I went to my left side… then I had to move again…. I was so happy when it was done.

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