Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23, 2006

Today was my SHG. I was told to drink 30 oz of water an hour before showing up, I didn’t know if my bladder could hold that much. Basically all I was told is that was a ultra sound done with a full bladder. No big deal right. So I get to the clinic and I’m starting to sweet I have to pee so bad. Then I get in and the doctor hasn’t come back from lunch yet so I’m forced to hold myself another 15 min. In fact I couldn’t sit down I was pacing the floor sweating. They called the doctor to see where she was at and she told me that I could “let a little out” because I shouldn’t be in that much pain. So they asked if I could try going and stopping, I told them I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to stop once I started. Eventually I let a little out and I felt much better. Finally they bring me back into the exam room and have me lay on a bed and they put the jelly on my belly and do the “ultra sound thing”. Then she handed me a probe and told me I could go ahead and probe myself. So in front of the doctor I stick it up there. She is going through my pictures and says wow you bladder is really full and you really shouldn’t be this full, next time a doctor says to drink so much don’t drink that much because you have a tiny bladder. Then once that is done I was like wow that was fairly easy (besides the holding the bladder part) and then she says alright go to the rest room because the next part of your test your bladder has to be completely empty. I was like what I thought that that was all of it. So I go to the rest room come back out and lay back down on the bed. I laid there watching the nurse prep the area and since I had no clue what was to come I was really surprised when they pulled out a looooong needle about the length of my foot. Then the doctor came in and said I need you to go to the rest room again because there can be absolutely nothing in your bladder. So I went and came back and just like before it started with a clamp…and once again she had to yank on my uterus because she had it in there wrong (the thought makes me want to cringe). Then they took out these long tweezers and at the end was a cloth of iodine that they put inside me and told me it needed to sock in there for awhile… it was very cold. Then after I was all sterilized I found out what the needle was for. They were going to give me a shot through my uterus to see how thick my lining was and determine if I had endometriosis… (I always though I did because I was told at my first gyno ever that since everyone in my family has had it I most likely had a least a small case of it. I also get bladder and colon spasms which they say is a result of endometriosis.) Well anyways they put the shot in and I immediately started shacking and going cold. The shot stung but I did start going into shock (gees Louise am I a wuss or what?) So then they pull our a big cylinder thing and they attach it to the needle because all the liquid is going into my uterus. I really wish that Tyler was there holding my hand. Finally it was done and I was wondering why they never warned me about this and why they never told me to take advil. When I was done they told me that I couldn’t have a more perfect reproductive system in fact my insides where so perfect they were beautiful. As I was leaving the office everyone was wish me luck and asked for me to keep them updated. One lady really wanted to meet me. Her best friends husband has CF and he is a doctor. In fact she told her friend about me and her friend told her to tell me “way to go, never give up and never let anyone tell us no” She had me crying. All the ladies where so sweet and they made me promise to keep them updated and send pictures. I guess since it was an actual radiology center they don’t get many young people and most people are getting stuff done for like cancer treatment and stuff… I was coming in hopes of bringing a new life….

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