Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trial Transfer

May 17, 2007

Well on Tuesday I flew in to Portland and was met by my Mom and sister and then I got into my sisters car drove to Melody and Ben’s dropped off my suitcases and did a quick repack before taking off to Seattle. I drove all the way to Mark and Julie’s house, were we stayed up talking for a long while. It’s so nice having someone like them around. They next morning I got to play with the triplets … they are so beautiful!!! Then I drove to the clinic.

It took a little over 3 hours to get to the clinic because of traffic. I was supposed to do my trial transfer on a full bladder so on the way down I drank my water. Then while being stuck in traffic I really had to go… BAD!!!! After about 45 min of needing to go bad it just plain hurt. I get close to the clinic and then there is construction and I sit there while the road worker has his sign on stop and these trucks are in the middle of the road moving way to slow. Finally we are able to go and I take the wrong turn. By the time I get to the clinic I have to park my car in the garage and the only place I could find was in the back. I got out of the car and walked like a duck to the office. As soon as I get in I ask “can I please go a little it stings?” So I was able to let a little out. Then about 5 minutes later I’m ready to go again and they say ok just a little more. The finally called be back 15 minutes late and laid down on the exam table she began my ultra sound and said wow you do have full bladder so I said “does that mean I can pee a little more?” so she said sure do you want to change back into your pants or just go. I said I need to go. So holding my paper towel wrap I ran around the clinic to the nearest rest room. Then I went back to the exam room.

Basically the procedure starts off like a pap smear. They insert the clamp (doing ultra sounds the whole time) then they took a few samples of the swab samples and then they tested the needle. During the actual procedure they don’t want to hurt you and then need to put the needle in at exactly the right place so they need to do measuring. They determined how far the up the needle should go. The whole thing took about minutes. The doctor informed me that my bladder could be less empty the day of the procedure. Whem… I don’t think I could relax with all that much in my bladder.

Once I was done I went to the front desk and asked about when I would do my injection training and then a lady in the office said she would do it with me. So I was taken to a back room where a lady named Sarah showed me the ropes of injection and walked me through all of the medications. I was able to practice giving shots into a pad and drawing them and mixing them. I really feel so much better about all that. Once you know what you’re doing needles aren’t that intimidating. Although when practicing grabbing my skin and finding where to shoot myself will be a challenge. I lack fat on my gut but the needles aren’t to long and I should be fine.

Then I drove back to Portland and I was sooo sooo sooo tired!!!! I stopped to get lunch, gas and even toiletries because I needed to walk around to stay awake. I then went to my brothers and parents house and then Melody took me to my new home for the next 6 weeks. Melody is the best friend a girl could have. She has prepared a room for me with all new bedding and sheets. It looks like a peaceful retreat in here. I unpacked my bags and she drew a milk bath for me and a eucalyptus towel for my neck. When I was done here friend Mary came up and blew dry my hair and gave me a head and neck massage and then Melody tucked me into bed, where I slept for 9 and half hours… and now I’m laying in bed typing this.

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