Monday, June 11, 2007

Much better tonight

After last night I told my Dad I needed a nurse and fortunately a girl I grew up with but was never really close to is a nurse now. I went to her house tonight and she helped me work out the kinks... apparently I was putting to much air into the vial. She helped me with the shot then filled everything back up with fake stuff so that I could just practice for awhile and she could make sure I was doing it right.... I tell you my injection training was not very good.

But to update you on the reaction to my medication.... I'm getting lots of cramping, which is understandable since I'm not growing 1 egg... I'm growing a whole lot more!!!! I tossed and turned last night breaking out into sweet. My belly is so tender too, I have so many marks on it and its only getting worse. I just laid around today on my parents couch and watched Discovery Health Channel (its baby week).

Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock I have an appointment at the clinic and they are just going to take my blood and then by the afternoon I should find out were my levels are out, I'm excited to hear whats going on inside my body.

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louann said...

Sweetheart you are doing a great job and you just need a big ice cream cone! Tyler will be there soon. (no way I'd stick myself 3x You've been very patient and brave. I mean look at how poorly Paris Hilton is handling her jailtime. What a wus!

Love ya!

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"