Monday, June 18, 2007

prepairing for harvest

This morning at 7:45 I had an appointment at the clinic. I got to monitor with our Doctor and he measured all the follicles. He said that he would like to see about 15-25 of them but I had 14 but he was 99% sure I would do my HCG shot tonight. I was pretty bummed that my number was lower so I've been praying for that extra boost before Wednesday. But God knows exactly what we need so I need to just trust in him. Well around 3 o'clock I got the official call from the clinic and tonight I trigger.

The HCG shot is the same as the trigger shot. This is another shot like the menupor that needs mixing. This will release all the eggs and mature them. It takes exactly 36 hours from that point to go in and retrieve them. So tonight at exactly 10:30 I will be injecting a very important shot into my belly so if you could just say a pray it would be much appreciated. The nurse said it would sting and I would get like a knot in my gut where I inject it (like an allergic reaction) but its OK its working. Then tomorrow morning at 7:30 Tyler and I have an appointment at the clinic where they will take my blood to make sure I did everything correctly and then they will sit us down to give us instructions for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning will be the retrieval.

It hit me this morning that this is happening really soon. We're so excited. I cant wait!!!

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