Friday, June 8, 2007

So soon?

So this morning I went to the clinic for my ultrasound and blood work. Everything looked good but I still had to wait for my clinic to call. So at 2 o'clock I get a call letting me know that everything looks good and that Im starting my follistim shots tomorrow morning along with my lupron and then in the evening I'll be taking menopur (this will only be for 5 days). Tyler will also start some antabiotics tomorrow. Then they moved up my appoinment on Tuesday to Monday and they then want me up in Seattle for the rest of my appointments. They told me not to be alamed by switching this all up they said that because I was so healthy they thought my body would react really well to the medicine therefor making my eggs develope quicker. Melinda one of the ladies that works at the clinic walked me through the medications again and wow I didnt realise there was so many needles. I'm starting to get more nervous...

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