Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stupid doctor made me cry!

So mad!!!! OK, so tonight I had to take my first injection of menopur. I was told to put 1 c.c of water into the powder then mix. Then I draw up the medicine switch needles and inject. Well I put the water into the needle, put it into the powder and the powder turned to paste!!! I was freaked out! I called Julie right away and was like what am I suppose to do? Julie told me to call the office and they would transfer me to the doctor on call. I get to the doctor and let him know that my powder turned to paste and asked what I should do. Very rudely he says well use another water and powder! I was like ok but is my water correct is it gonna turn into paste again? He was like I don't know I've never had this happen before! Literally is is barking at me on the phone. So I do it again and I'm shacking because I'm about ready to cry and so scared. Plus its not like this is cheap medicine and because of it not mixing I need to get more of it. So I get it mixed then draw it up into the needle and guess what I'm short about 1/2 a ml. So I take what I can and call Julie crying and she says that the doctor must have been Dr. (cant remember his name) she said she had him once and he was mean. Then Mark gets on the phone and starts explaining the way to draw it up and mix it.... so helpful. The lady that gave me instructions before had never done it before so she missed a few key parts. Then I called Tyler and cried. He listened to me and made me feel better. Then I called my Dad and said I need a nurse! I said I don't care who it is but I need someone here with me tomorrow to make sure I don't ruin this again. So tomorrow I should have someone to make sure I do it right. So if you can all just be praying right now that this isn't going to ruin my stimulation and that my missing dosage isn't going to ruin any of this that would be wonderful.

I love you all... so for the mad blog....( I guess it doesn't help I'm super hormonal)

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GuidryPeas said...

Hannah Pea... What Is Hanah's Doctor? ...he IS a stupid doctor..he forgot that you are the "customer"; without you he wouldn't have a job! are the boss; just fuss right back at him. We know you are worried about messing something up but remember God is the ultimate Boss and He is in control. Like they say in Jamaica..."Don't Worry, Be Happy"...we know all will be okay. We love you!

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"