Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transfer day...told by Hannah

After taking my shots in the hip for a few days I had become super stiff and achy. I had also woke up that morning with a huge charlie horse in my calf and when I woke up and jerked with the realization I pulled a muscle in my bum bum. Tyler was wonderful though he was helping me walk, stand and sit. By the time Tyler and I were in the car and driving to the clinic I just burst into tears! I'm sure some of it had to do with the overdose of hormones and some was just the fact that my body was in pain but what hit me was thinking "here I am I've always wanted to be a mommy and today I'll get to have my dream, no longer do I get to be selfish and just go to the movies, because now it all about being selfless protecting, raising, nurturing... the list could go on and I am so happy!!!!" So the tears of joy came as I prayed and thanked God for this day.

I arrived at the clinic and was brought back into a room were I took my tranzene and began acupuncture. Studies show that this can increase your success rates and since I've always wanted to try it I thought what a perfect opportunity. I rested with all the needles in me for about 30 minutes all the while drinking water and keeping my bladder full for the procedure.

On the day prior to the procedure we received a call from the Doctor saying that he was going to recommend us to transfer 3-4 embryos rather the original 1 or 2 we discussed. We were pretty stressed out thinking before we would do one unless the doctor gave us a really good reason to do 2. Now we were like OK well I guess will do 2 unless he gives us a really good reason to do 3. Well as soon as I was laying in my room ready for the procedure he said he was going to recommend us doing the 4. My husband being all logic asked question after question trying to figure this out but kept leaving the final decision up to me. I would just say to him "babe I am fine with putting lots in, this is about what your comfortable with" but no the choice remained mine. So finally I said "4 and will pray like crazy!"

I was brought back into the procedure room and they brought out all the embryos in the petrie dish and we were able to look at them on the TV screen above us. I was shaking with nerves and then just kept bring me more blankets and Tyler would just hold my hand, rub my head and give me little kisses all the while looking into my eyes or watching are little family on TV.

It was so cool watching them suck up all our little embryos on one screen and then on the next screen watching them guided through the catheter to be released into me. As soon as they released I panicked and thought "oh no, pull back, what am I thinking, take one out!!!" But to late. I'm fine with 4. God wont give us more then we cant bare.

I was rolled back to the room were I had to lay down for 30 minutes and rest. I had to pee really bad and I had to use a bed pan. I'm not exactly sure if those actually work but Tyler was wonderful cleaning up the mess... so embarrassing. Then the acupuncturist came in and did another treatment. Finally we were able to go home and I spent the rest of the day resting.

Its 4 days past transfer day and I don't feel any different. Occasionally I feel some nausea but then again that could be hormones talking, I get sleeping but I'm sure any one would be if they've just gone through all this. I guess my blood test on the 4th of July will let me know what's really going on....

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