Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The day after the HCG shot

Yesterday's shot was perfectly on time and given. The shot was a piece of cake! I thought this doesn't sting then about 30 seconds later it hit and it stung. Today I just felt like I had a sore there and it would hurt to sit and stand, not a big deal just readjusting my body made it tender. I went to the clinic this morning for blood and then they sat Tyler and I down to give us directions for tomorrow. I got a call this afternoon saying that my blood and levels were all perfect but because my estrodol is high I must likely will cause ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) and they wanted to order me some more medication that I'll begin taking tomorrow.

OHSS is well... I guess I don't know but it causes your belly to fill with fluid. Its uncomfortable and if too much occurs you can be hospitalized where they have to drain the fluid for you belly. My friend Julie had this. If it doesn't go away its a good sign that my body is holding onto the pregnancy.

Not much else to say Tyler and I are just hanging in the hotel room and about ready to eat our last meal for awhile. Come midnight tonight no food for awhile. As soon as I'm feeling up to it tomorrow I'll post again.

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