Thursday, August 2, 2007

8 weeks along...

Morning sickness is here. I've lost between 6 and 8 lbs already. The though of food has me gaging. I absolutely feel horrible because I keep feeding Tyler left overs because I don't want to look at what I'm cooking. I'm hoping the Doctor will have some suggestions tomorrow for me because I want to make sure our little friends are getting the proper nutrition.

On the up side I grew out of my bra and was able to buy my first C cup. Of course I'm living in that bra now.

Tyler continues to be wonderful. He has always got his hand on my belly and kisses it twice every night and tells the babies he loves them. He has been saying all week I get to see my babies on Friday! I wish you could have seen his face at the first Ultra sound. Of course I wanted to watch the babies on the screen but when I looked over at him he had the biggest smile on his face... he has been glowing ever since. He then took me out that night and bought me a belly book. Its a pre baby book all about the belly. So I journal all my stories and post pictures of it growing every week... and trust me its growing. He also decided to cancel cable because we need to get use to not watching it because he doesn't want our kids to watch it. I agree!!! But I guess I will be stocking up all the video classics for later (fraggle rock, duck tails, care bears)

Also I'm 8 weeks along our babies are 5/8 of an inch long and have developed elbow and knee joints. I keep thinking that if 1 baby is 5/8 that means I've got an inch and quarter of baby in me... that's why I'm showing.


Tara said...

Nooo! Don't cancel cable. LOL!

I never watched so much TV in my life as when I was breastfeeding the twins. Tivo was my best friend. It's nearly impossible to watch a show without Tivo, too many interruptions.

And we raised the twins without having them watch TV. They are such little book worms. LOL! Someone told me if you start reading to your kids at a young age, but 12 months old, they won't eat the books anymore, they'll want to listen to the story, and it's so true! At exactly 12 months 2 weeks old my twins stopped eating all their books!

Keep the cable. And get a DVR. :-)

Paul said...

I'll give Tyler two weeks before the TV delerium tremens starts setting in.

Besides, its cute when your kid can say "And that's not all!" when watching infomercials.

As for the food, Diane went through that too. I have never heard such sounds come out of a bathroom in my life.

Don't worry you'll be eating 2-3 sundaes per day soon enough...

Tami said...

I say keep the cable canceled!!! We haven't had even just regular tv in three years and are as happy as can be! Our kids use their imaginations and are addicted to books! I never read so many books as I did while nursing, so use that as a pass will be the only time you have to read!!! Good choice Tyler!

Diane said...

for the sickness, keep menthol around and inhale/smell it whenever you feel sick. Also invest in REAL ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger root for your food... ginger and menthol are known to combat nausea and ease an upset stomach. I practically had peppermint chapstick glued to my nose!

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