Tuesday, September 4, 2007

End of the first trimester

Well I've got a healthy appetite, I eat and eat and eat and have gained like 2 lbs... I need to gain about 55-60 so I'm working hard at eating and since I've never been an eater its hard. My belly has definitely grown I cant wear any of my old tops anymore they all creep up over my new gut (and they were all long when I got them). So I went shopping this week and bought a few maternity tops. I'm already wearing maternity jeans too... We had our 12 week appointment on Friday and I got to watch both of the little ones moving around, they were like mini babies they didn't look like blobs anymore. They didn't take any pictures this time so I was kinda bummed but my next appointment is in 4 weeks so hopefully they'll take some good pictures then.


Paul said...

Two whole pounds? Wow. I can put on two pounds at dinner.

Amy said...

You are lookin' pretty cute! Isn't amazing to watch your belly grow??!! Just wait until you are nine months. It just baffles me how much my body can grow to fit that little baby.

Beth said...

yay! you look beautiful! you have that "mommy" glow!

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"