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Tagged: The eights

8 favorite TV shows
1. Jon and Kate plus 8
2. The office
3. The soup
4. Little house on the Prairie
5. Martha Stewart
6. Flight of the Concords
7. Big Love
8. Mystery Diagnosis

8 things I did yesterday
1. woke up with a migraine and had to take a migraine pill
2. vomited
3. took a shower
4. worked with Coppelia's walking (she can already stand of her own)
5. tried to help Estee clap (she so wants to do like her sister)
6. took a nap
7. made baby food (green bean and peaches)
8. laundry

favorite place to eat
1. Brio
2. Burgerville
3. BJ's
4. Moe's
5. five guys and fries
6. Cheese cake factory
7. Jake's Crawfish
8. Pizza Palace

8 things I'm looking forward to
1. Christmas
2. Tyler coming home
3. LouAnn coming on Friday
4. Halloween with Daddy Joe, Vicki and Mamah
5. sleeping in or taking a nap when company comes
6. Heeney's on Saturday(the most amazing Christmas store ever)
7. Going back to Tennessee
8. Bed time

8 things on my wish list
1. a couch
2. a duvet cover
3. comfy sweets I can wear everywhere
4. mini van
5. beaded spray's for my Christmas tree
6. Garland from Craft warehouse
7. A date with just my husband (maybe when the grandparents are here :)
8. Our house to SALE!!!

8 people I tag
1. Tami Miller
2. Beth Fiegner
3. Naomi Linker
4. Andrea Vann
5. Julie
6. Stephanie H.
7. Erin Waller
8. Andrea Collins

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Getting ready for Fall

Levi is the new friend Coppélia & Estee met on our most recent trip to Nashville.

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Back in ATL

Thanks to Beth for updating our blog from the standard templates....

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6 Month Pics

Beth who took the Blue Chair pictures has done an amazing job once again 'Click Here' to see some additional ones.

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Oh how I miss it here!

I'm convinced I grew up in the most beautiful place's ever! I love waking up looking out the window and seeing Mt. Hood and the Columbia river. In the back of the house is a forest I spent many day's exploring. Just a few days ago I sat with the girls in the front lawn playing and a deer came around the corner and watched us. Everything is so green (only because it rains like 9 months out of the year). I love taking my morning walk up to Dorthy Fox Elementary and on my way I always run into friendly faces and get to catch up on all the latest. I remember when the walk was mainly just fields and no sidewalks but it's all developed now. Some days I'll walk down the hill with the girls and visit some of the old favorites... the park, pool, top burger and on Sunday we even went to the cometary. On Monday we took a drive up Washougal river road, we went and saw the falls and the fish hatchery had a picnic and visited a friends house. It's some of the most beautiful country, you see hills and valley's covered in evergreen tree's.

This sweet town has changed a lot... we have lots of school's now (there were only 3 when I was little... elementary, junior high and high school). Sometimes I'm a little sad that I don't get to raise my girls here. But when they do come for visits I hope they'll be filled with magical memories like Camas days, going to the Liberty theater to seeing the latest Disney movie, ice cream at hill top, fresh produce from the produce store and did I forget to mention the craft stores here... I wonder sometimes how I'm surviving with out my craft warehouse and fabric depot!

First tooth

We have a winner... Estee Mackinnon got her first tooth this week. Monday her gum's where puffy, Tuesday nothing and today I saw that little tooth popping out. She wasn't fussy and never ran a temperature she was a trooper. I'll take a picture as soon as it comes up a bit more. Every time I try and put my finger near her mouth to look at it she starts sucking on my fingers... even when she is sleeping.

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Waking Up

This is one of my favorite times; waking up the girls after their morning nap....

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Camas Days Parade

This past Friday was the "Camas Days" festival that included a kid's parade.  The 'Cousin's 9 Gang' took both 'First Place' and 'Best in Show' in the western themed parade.  All 9 cousins participated and helped in building the  covered wagon, canoe, and smoking brick fireplace.  

Check out all the action below:

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First Food

Coppélia's First Meal:

Estee's First Meal:

Hat tip to Paul 'insatiable appetite for bad 80's music' Barriere who inspired the music selection.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some Firsts....

First time sitting up....

First time to reach for someone....technically this is the second time, I made them try it again to make sure it was a legitimate reach.

Even thought the previous two first were Coppélia, Estee still continues to always finish her bottle first.

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Beware Evil-doers

So Coppélia always has a very serious look on her face..........its because fighting crime is serious business.

ps- This was Hannah's niece dressing up Coppélia in her Build-a-Bear clothes. Estee would not fit into them.

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Growing up

It all seems so fast. On Wednesday Coppelia discovered her feet and will not let them go. Its rather funny, she is the most inflexible baby I've ever seen! She holds one foot and strains to grab the other, I'm sure she inherited her inflexibility from her Daddy (but I can work with her on that right?) The next night no joke she is sitting on her own. Of course I sit behind her because occasionally she tips over but it is so funny to watch that little tiny body sitting on its own.

Estee on the other hand has no interest in sitting only standing and walking. I keep telling her she needs to sit before she walks but she just doesn't listen. As soon as I sit her on the floor she is pushing herself up to stand. She lives in her walker and thinks she is hot stuff.

Both girls are working on rolling from back to tummy. Estee has done it once by accident.

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Two Flavors

Coppélia is always 'Super Aware'

& Estee is always 'Super Relaxed'

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My girls are just so cute

I really need catch this stuff on video and I'll work on that this week. Estee will be walking earlier!!! She has been climbing my chest since a few weeks old and loves to stand and of course hates to sit! I'll sit her on my lap and she holds my fingers and stands up all on her own, I'm only used for balance. We have an expo-saucer at home and I've caught her balancing on her own for short periods of time. Coppelia can stand up from a sitting position too, but Estee is ready for a walker now!!! Coppelia on the other hand is really good with her fine motor skills. We have an activity center at home and she loves to push the bottons and she is really good at turning the pages! She likes to swipe the pacifier from her sister and really tries hard to hold the bottle on her own. She is also taking up singing. It is so funny! We will sing la la la's to her and she sings back. I tried to get her to change from la la la's to me me me's (for her Aunt mimi)but she started crying, then I went back to la la la and she was happy.


This week Estee got pink eye, poor girl looked miserable! We were certain Coppelia would get it but never did, surprising since they're always sucking on each others hands. Pink eye was followed by a deep chest cough. Both girls lost their appetites and I was forced to start them on pedialyte... oh man does Estee love it! I felt horrible they would start having a coughing attack after a meal and cough till they would throw-up. Finally that has stopped and they are feeling much better... but of course now Mommy has it. I'm not sure if I got my sore throat from my best friend who we've been staying with or from the girls. But it hurts, I kept checking my throat to make sure I didn't have strep. My head feels like its in a cloud and my head just aches! Of course now the girls are feeling so much better and want there mommy to hold them and kiss them and I'm trying to stay away so I don't pass it back to them.

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Family Pictures

Beth Feigner is Hannah's friend and an amazing photographer. Here is a link to some of the pictures she took of our family: Guidry Family Pictures

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Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

They sleep through the night!!!! I've had a few rough nights with Coppelia but for the most part we're all sleeping. Today I'm working on their napping. Estee gets really cranky if she doesn't nap, but she wont nap unless I'm holding her. So ever time she wakes up I rock her back to sleep. I'm hoping a few days of this she'll get the idea. I'm hoping to have them both on the same schedule really soon. Its really looking like its happening too!!!!

Another update, they are both rolling over onto their backs. They get so proud of themselves too. They so know what their doing too, I lay them on their bellies and they start working their hips. They haven't figured out where their arms need to be. Coppelia will just keep trying till she gets it, but Estee if her arms are in the wrong position (stretched out side to side) and she is working those hips about 3 minutes into it, if she has rolled over she gets so upset puts her head down on the blanket and starts crying. I hope she isn't always this hard on herself.

Another funny thing I noticed is when they've been crying (really they don't cry that often) after a hard cry and I'm trying to comfort them they both calm themselves using baby talk that sounds like their saying OK OK OK OK... over and over.

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First trip to church

I've been so wanting to go back to church and have been counting down the days till we could go again... I know this may sound strange to some people but I really love our church!!! Seriously I could live any where if I could just bring the church with us. I loved working with the kidstuf too, where ever we move I'm really hoping I can find a kidstuf to be involved in again. OK... so anyways... We got up and got the girls ready for church we new they would need to feed again in the middle of church but I thought no problem, fix their bottles and feed them before they fuss and we should be good... WRONG!!! Well as soon as the music started Coppelia's eyes popped open, she just wanted to look at everything!!! I think she got a bit frusterated that she couldnt watch what was going on. I kept hearing people behind us say oh my gosh look at her eyes...(seriously I think she has the biggest eyes ever its like she opens them up so big because she might miss something). Well we did give her the bottle but she still wanted to be a part of it all. So I ended up having to take her out of service because she was getting so rambunkshus. So we went for a little walk around the church and she was just so funny, we got to the kidstuf theater and there was just so much to see. Finally church was over and I missed the whole thing because I had to walk her around... it sounded like a good one too... Estee was wonderful I told Tyler she is out church baby and Coppelia is our kidstuf baby. So how much longer till I can put them in the nursery?

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Estee has rhythm!!!

Since I'm starting to feel a bit more rested I decided today would be the day I start exercising. My mother is one of the most disciplined people I know she gets around 5 in the morning and exercises. So I decided I needed to take a lesson from her, maybe this will give me that little bit of extra energy I need in the morning to stay on top of things. So I turned on the dance music and started doing all the moves I remember from my mom's aerobics class (yes I took her class in high school). Of course I could only remember a few so aerobics time turned into dance time, I did everything... ballet, hip hop and tap (nope didn't pull out any break dancing). The girls just sat and played and when they got fussy I would switch there station. In the process I used them as weights too. Well Estee got fussy under her jungle gym so I put her on her belly for tummy time. She layed there with her head up watching me and they started bopping her head to the beat... sure I can understand a few times but she was going at it for like 5 minutes!!! So yes, Estee has rhythm. Oh and yes I'm horrible I've been looking at there feet waiting to see if one of them has a good arch or anything. Estee has an arch and every time you feed her, her feet open to first position!!! I'm still waiting to find out if Coppelia has any dancer in her... all I can tell you is the girl loves Amy Winehouse!!! Every time she heard her when she was in my tummy she would kick to the beat.

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Baby names

A lot of people are wondering about our baby names, what they mean, and how we came up with them.

Coppélia Kai Ray

Coppélia is a beautiful ballet about a toy maker who makes a doll named Coppélia. The doll sits in the window and everyone thinks she is so beautiful and one of the men fall in love with her only to realize in the end she is just a doll.

Kai Ray is taken from my Grandpa Greenfield. He was an immigrant from Holland and for many generations in his family the sons would be named Rink Keimpa and then Keimpa Rink. Well he never had a son. So my cousin Nathan and I made a promise to each other that one of us had to name our child Keimpa Rink. Well I lost both my Grandpa and cousin so its a tribute to both of them who meant so much to me.

Estee MacKinnon

Estee means star but its also a shortened version of the name Ester. Ester in the bible was a very amazing women who becomes queen and saves the jewish people. She even has her own book in the bible.

MacKinnon is Tyler's mom's maiden name. We wanted to name one of our girls after someone in his family. If it was a boy he would have carried on the name Royston but we were not about to name our daughter Royston. I love the name MacKinnon!!! Its not like all the other "Mc" names out there either totally different and beautiful!!!

Getting acquainted with motherhood

We’ve been home from the hospital for 10 days now. The first week I was miserable recovering from the c-section. My first day home was a challenge, my poor babies were so cold and they didn’t like sleeping on their backs so we got a space heater next to there bed and got them inclined sleep position pads, by about 6am in the morning when they finally started to sleep a major storm hit and we lost power until 8:30pm that night. We had the girls in the living room with their crib next to a fire. I thought I was going to go mad!!! But finally everything is better, I’m up and about but don’t worry I’m not dancing yet! My struggle has been breast feeding. The nurses gave me a nipple shield in the hospital and it worked wonderfully but then I had to wean them off of it and that proved to be a challenge for little Estee but now I’m sure she has forgotten it, although we are still trying to master the latch on. Once she has it she is good but it can take her many tries to get it right. Currently my daily routine goes something like this. Work with one baby nursing for 15 + minutes, then supplement with breast milk or formula (while someone else gets to feed the other) then I pump. This may not seem like much but it takes about an hour sometimes longer and if I’m lucky sometimes shorter. Then I have about an hour and 45 minutes until I start setting up for the next feeding so I take that time to sleep, eat, take a shower, which really doesn’t seem like much time at all.

I’m also trying to get enough breast milk for both babies. I’m producing enough for one but I’m still really trying to have more then enough for both. I’m really hoping this comes around the time they can both feed from me with out any work. I really hate that all this work wears me out so much that I don’t feel like I have time to just lay there holding and enjoying my beautiful little gifts.

Last night little Coppelia had gas and she felt miserable!!! I’ve been blessed with super easy going babies who really don’t fuss. But last night the gas made her so uncomfortable and she kept looking at me like I needed to help. I just wanted to cry. Fortunately she fussed herself into sleep and woke up this morning feeling good. But oh how I wanted to take her pain away.

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This was taken right after they were moved into recovery:

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Please let me introduce myself.....x2

First Family Photo

I will get some video up in about an hour of the girls...


We started this journey on November 15th 2006 and our next adventure starts today at 11:15 EST.

I will keep the blog updated as we go throughout today, the slide show below will update as I upload pictures. You can also see them at this link:

9:35 EST - In pre op, IV in, and socks on.

10:00 EST - LouAnn and Trina (Grandmothers) are in full 'stakeout mode' in waiting room already. 30 more minutes until they start the epidural.

10:30 EST - Hannah wants to say hey...

11:30 EST - Doctor on his way...

11:58 EST - Coppelia Kai Ray Guidry 5 lbs 7 ouns 19 inches

11:59 EST - Estee MacKinnon Guidry 5 lbs 14 ouns 19 inches

Monday, February 18, 2008

Contractions for over 2 hrs -- Could be the day...Or not?

The pictures will update as I get a chance....

You can also see them using this link:

They gave her an IV and a shot to stop the contractions. We will know more in 30 mins......

False Alarm Part II. Everything looks good and we are still set for this Thursday at 1:30pm.

She wanted Ice Cream on the way all is well again.....

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34 weeks

What is it? I look like I'm 12!!! No wonder why people look at me funny. My face got all fat I have no energy to put on make up, seriously! I have been getting very swollen in the feet and hands lately, you should have seen me at church on Sunday. I could'nt even fit into my nice shoes so I had to wear my china flats and Tyler had to pin them shut, it looked like I had cramed those fat things in there.
My little sister Tay came last week and is taking care of us until after the babies. She is doing the cooking, cleaning and arrend shopping. She is the best!!!
Promise everyone I'll get pictures up of the nursery, all the ones I've taken just dont do it justice... I think I must be intemidated because all Beth's pictures are so perfect.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

false alarm

So yesterday I woke got out of bed around 9 with horrible back and belly pains. Tyler and I wanted to tidy up our house so we were getting some cleaning done. Don't worry, Tyler does all the lifting and big stuff, I fold laundry and rinse dishes. Anyways my back and belly would just not stop hurting. I laid down and tried to relax many times and it just wasn't working. I literally started sweating I was in so much pain. So finally around 2 I called the doctor and told them what the problem was and they sent me to the Labor and Delivery to be monitored. Once we got in the car it only got worse, I could not sit without feeling more pain. We finally got to the hospital and then checked in... the whole process seemed like 30 min. When in reality it was like 10. Finally I got to my room and they set me up to the monitors and I told them I felt like a big wus and she said no your having contractions and they hurt. I met with the perinatologist (lol... I new his family from church but it was the first time I met him). I had the doctor come in and she checked me out and took some tests. Then they hooked me up to some fluids and eventually the pain eased. They said they wanted to see if my contractions would slow down or stop before they gave me a shot of something to stop it... well they didn't slow down so they gave me the shot and guess what my contractions still we're going. But the tests determined that I was not in labor and that all was fine so they sent me home once I felt normal again and now I'm on limited activity... which they told me before, but no more trips to the grocery store. I'm laying low and not doing much of anything.

Today we went and met our pediatrician.... so one more thing off my list. This weekend Tyler's mom LouAnn is here and she is helping Tyler get the nursery finished. I'll post pictures by the end of the weekend. YIPPI its looking so good!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow in Atlanta

On Wednesday we got about a half an inch of snow and then it melted away. Tyler was out of town and I so sad he missed it. The weather man said there was a chance of snow on Saturday but we all know that means probably not. Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of freezing rain on the window (mixed with rain) I came to the kitchen and made some breakfast and when I looked out the window again it was snowing!!! BIG FLAKES!!! We got about an inch and half. I know big whoop, but that's amazing down here.

Alright Julie just for you! 32 weeks

I'm 32 weeks and 6 days today. I don't feel like I'm changing much anymore. I haven't gained any new weight in probably 3 weeks. I'm just uncomfortable all the time. It takes a lot of energy just to flip to the other side when I'm sleeping. I'm moving a lot slower these days! I normally would have had all the bedding knocked out by now, but I have to take naps and breaks and... well yeah, I'm just moving slower.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I have a C-section scheduled for February 21st!!! Of course the doctor thinks its highly likely I'll go into labor before then, at least we know when the last possible day is until we meet them. I'm just so stinking happy!!!

Daddy put a crib together!!!

I'm so excited to have one put together. I keep laying my fabric on the crib saying "it looks so beautiful!" So we have one more to put together and a dresser, but no rush I just wanted to make sure my bedding was going to fit before I finished it off.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get Well fast!!!

Today my nephew's Gabe and Chase are getting there tonsils taken out. I'll be praying for you boys to feel better super duper fast!!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby things to share

This is my nursery fabric. I'm doing the outside of the bumper in the polka dot print, the sheets and changing table cover is in the squares with the brown dots, the quilt is the circle print with a boarder of the stripes. I'm gonna do the inside of the bumper in a white minkey and the crib skirt is mainly pink, then a stripe of brown then about 6 inches of the circle print... hopefully it comes out looking as good as I imagine.

I'm in love with this line of baby items. Its called his gem ( this is the blanket it says his little lamb. I got two onsies and 2 bibs with the same thing on it. On the back they says The LORD is my Shepherd... Psalm 23. I also got a bath towel with the lamb on it and it says wash me and I will be whiter then snow. Psalm 51:7. I think the reason I'm in love with this so much is because my mom loved lambs growing up and she wrote a children's musical call "The Sheep Shed" There is something about lambs that just reminds me of growing up and what a wonderful mother I had.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

30 weeks and we're back in Atlanta

Well I'm back on my computer so hopefully I'll be making a lot more posts. We were all set to be living in Dallas to be near family but unfortunately that wasn't going to work out for a little while so we're back in Atlanta. I spent about 2 months hanging out with my sister-in-law, making Christmas decorations, sewing curtains, watching trash TV and eating way too much!!! Today is my first day back and I have to say that I'm board, I miss having my little nephews to entertain me. I won't be board for long though there is a Uhal out front waiting to be unpacked hopefully this evening and inside is all sorts of things to be done. I have my sewing cut out for me, I'm making both the girls crib sets and I've got 2 cribs to put together and a dresser and boxes of baby items waiting to be unpacked and organized. Once I've organized I'll take a trip to baby's r us to get the last of the items. Oh and LouAnn is planning on coming either this weekend or next weekend and she is going to help us get stuff ready, like painting the nursery.

I've got a doctors appointment on Friday that I'm looking forward to, although I'm going to seriously miss Dr. Shimmer and all the staff in McKinney, they were the best ever. But things are getting closer and I look forward to hearing their heart beats and well the big day I get to meet these two princesses.

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"