Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby things to share

This is my nursery fabric. I'm doing the outside of the bumper in the polka dot print, the sheets and changing table cover is in the squares with the brown dots, the quilt is the circle print with a boarder of the stripes. I'm gonna do the inside of the bumper in a white minkey and the crib skirt is mainly pink, then a stripe of brown then about 6 inches of the circle print... hopefully it comes out looking as good as I imagine.

I'm in love with this line of baby items. Its called his gem ( this is the blanket it says his little lamb. I got two onsies and 2 bibs with the same thing on it. On the back they says The LORD is my Shepherd... Psalm 23. I also got a bath towel with the lamb on it and it says wash me and I will be whiter then snow. Psalm 51:7. I think the reason I'm in love with this so much is because my mom loved lambs growing up and she wrote a children's musical call "The Sheep Shed" There is something about lambs that just reminds me of growing up and what a wonderful mother I had.

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Joey & Erin said...

I love it all Hannah! I love that same style and I can't believe you are making it all! You are impressive and you are going to have two stylish little girls! I miss you. Thinking about you and praying for you. Oh, and the cribs are adorable as well.

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