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This was taken right after they were moved into recovery:

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Please let me introduce myself.....x2

First Family Photo

I will get some video up in about an hour of the girls...


We started this journey on November 15th 2006 and our next adventure starts today at 11:15 EST.

I will keep the blog updated as we go throughout today, the slide show below will update as I upload pictures. You can also see them at this link:

9:35 EST - In pre op, IV in, and socks on.

10:00 EST - LouAnn and Trina (Grandmothers) are in full 'stakeout mode' in waiting room already. 30 more minutes until they start the epidural.

10:30 EST - Hannah wants to say hey...

11:30 EST - Doctor on his way...

11:58 EST - Coppelia Kai Ray Guidry 5 lbs 7 ouns 19 inches

11:59 EST - Estee MacKinnon Guidry 5 lbs 14 ouns 19 inches

Monday, February 18, 2008

Contractions for over 2 hrs -- Could be the day...Or not?

The pictures will update as I get a chance....

You can also see them using this link:

They gave her an IV and a shot to stop the contractions. We will know more in 30 mins......

False Alarm Part II. Everything looks good and we are still set for this Thursday at 1:30pm.

She wanted Ice Cream on the way all is well again.....

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34 weeks

What is it? I look like I'm 12!!! No wonder why people look at me funny. My face got all fat I have no energy to put on make up, seriously! I have been getting very swollen in the feet and hands lately, you should have seen me at church on Sunday. I could'nt even fit into my nice shoes so I had to wear my china flats and Tyler had to pin them shut, it looked like I had cramed those fat things in there.
My little sister Tay came last week and is taking care of us until after the babies. She is doing the cooking, cleaning and arrend shopping. She is the best!!!
Promise everyone I'll get pictures up of the nursery, all the ones I've taken just dont do it justice... I think I must be intemidated because all Beth's pictures are so perfect.

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