Monday, February 25, 2008

Goin' Home - Stones 1966


GuidryPeas said...

We are so happy you are home with the girls! Just wish we could have been there for the homecoming. What an awesome weekend!! It was so wonderful being with you both and having a chance to hold and love on our granddaughters.

Mamah & PeaPa

louann said...

Now that's a couple of REALLY BIG smiles on Mommy & Daddy!

How wonderful to prayers answered in such a perfect way. God is sooooo good and you're new family is a true blessing to us all.

We love all of you!

Nana #1

louann said...
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Larissa said...

Hey Guys!
Theyre so cute.My mom thought it was funy when Uncle Tyler nodded his head in the car like a biker dude or something.(Mom says he thinks hes so cool)I thought it was funny how one of them (cant tell wich one went by so fast)Was sticking there tongue out in there car seet.
Love you guys

Mark & Julie said...

Now the real fun begins mommy and daddy. Call me anytime, day or night if you need some help to cope!! LOL

We love you guys and are so happy you are home.

Julie and the zoo

Amy said...

It has been so great to follow your miraculous journey! I hope all is going well at home with your new daughters!!

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"