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Baby names

A lot of people are wondering about our baby names, what they mean, and how we came up with them.

Coppélia Kai Ray

Coppélia is a beautiful ballet about a toy maker who makes a doll named Coppélia. The doll sits in the window and everyone thinks she is so beautiful and one of the men fall in love with her only to realize in the end she is just a doll.

Kai Ray is taken from my Grandpa Greenfield. He was an immigrant from Holland and for many generations in his family the sons would be named Rink Keimpa and then Keimpa Rink. Well he never had a son. So my cousin Nathan and I made a promise to each other that one of us had to name our child Keimpa Rink. Well I lost both my Grandpa and cousin so its a tribute to both of them who meant so much to me.

Estee MacKinnon

Estee means star but its also a shortened version of the name Ester. Ester in the bible was a very amazing women who becomes queen and saves the jewish people. She even has her own book in the bible.

MacKinnon is Tyler's mom's maiden name. We wanted to name one of our girls after someone in his family. If it was a boy he would have carried on the name Royston but we were not about to name our daughter Royston. I love the name MacKinnon!!! Its not like all the other "Mc" names out there either totally different and beautiful!!!

Getting acquainted with motherhood

We’ve been home from the hospital for 10 days now. The first week I was miserable recovering from the c-section. My first day home was a challenge, my poor babies were so cold and they didn’t like sleeping on their backs so we got a space heater next to there bed and got them inclined sleep position pads, by about 6am in the morning when they finally started to sleep a major storm hit and we lost power until 8:30pm that night. We had the girls in the living room with their crib next to a fire. I thought I was going to go mad!!! But finally everything is better, I’m up and about but don’t worry I’m not dancing yet! My struggle has been breast feeding. The nurses gave me a nipple shield in the hospital and it worked wonderfully but then I had to wean them off of it and that proved to be a challenge for little Estee but now I’m sure she has forgotten it, although we are still trying to master the latch on. Once she has it she is good but it can take her many tries to get it right. Currently my daily routine goes something like this. Work with one baby nursing for 15 + minutes, then supplement with breast milk or formula (while someone else gets to feed the other) then I pump. This may not seem like much but it takes about an hour sometimes longer and if I’m lucky sometimes shorter. Then I have about an hour and 45 minutes until I start setting up for the next feeding so I take that time to sleep, eat, take a shower, which really doesn’t seem like much time at all.

I’m also trying to get enough breast milk for both babies. I’m producing enough for one but I’m still really trying to have more then enough for both. I’m really hoping this comes around the time they can both feed from me with out any work. I really hate that all this work wears me out so much that I don’t feel like I have time to just lay there holding and enjoying my beautiful little gifts.

Last night little Coppelia had gas and she felt miserable!!! I’ve been blessed with super easy going babies who really don’t fuss. But last night the gas made her so uncomfortable and she kept looking at me like I needed to help. I just wanted to cry. Fortunately she fussed herself into sleep and woke up this morning feeling good. But oh how I wanted to take her pain away.

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