Sunday, April 27, 2008

First trip to church

I've been so wanting to go back to church and have been counting down the days till we could go again... I know this may sound strange to some people but I really love our church!!! Seriously I could live any where if I could just bring the church with us. I loved working with the kidstuf too, where ever we move I'm really hoping I can find a kidstuf to be involved in again. OK... so anyways... We got up and got the girls ready for church we new they would need to feed again in the middle of church but I thought no problem, fix their bottles and feed them before they fuss and we should be good... WRONG!!! Well as soon as the music started Coppelia's eyes popped open, she just wanted to look at everything!!! I think she got a bit frusterated that she couldnt watch what was going on. I kept hearing people behind us say oh my gosh look at her eyes...(seriously I think she has the biggest eyes ever its like she opens them up so big because she might miss something). Well we did give her the bottle but she still wanted to be a part of it all. So I ended up having to take her out of service because she was getting so rambunkshus. So we went for a little walk around the church and she was just so funny, we got to the kidstuf theater and there was just so much to see. Finally church was over and I missed the whole thing because I had to walk her around... it sounded like a good one too... Estee was wonderful I told Tyler she is out church baby and Coppelia is our kidstuf baby. So how much longer till I can put them in the nursery?


Tami said...

I always loved taking my babies to church for the first time. It was so fun to show them off and hear all the oohs and ahs.

You put them in the nursery whenever you feel like it!! You're the mom and you get to decide that!! (with Tyler's input, you know he will have some!)

ps-how's Texas?? I'm SO jealous of that Guidry family right now!!!

Courtney said...

Taking babies to church for the first time was an adventure. But what an awesome thing to have them a part of it. My kids ended up in the nursery, at least part of the service, at about 4 months. The nursery worker was better at getting them to nap at church than I was.

Amy said...

Happy FIRST Mother's Day, Hannah!!! Hope you enjoy your day with those beautiful little girls of yours! :)

Mark & Julie said...

Happy first mothers day Hannah. I hope you've had a fantastic day!!!

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