Monday, June 23, 2008

My girls are just so cute

I really need catch this stuff on video and I'll work on that this week. Estee will be walking earlier!!! She has been climbing my chest since a few weeks old and loves to stand and of course hates to sit! I'll sit her on my lap and she holds my fingers and stands up all on her own, I'm only used for balance. We have an expo-saucer at home and I've caught her balancing on her own for short periods of time. Coppelia can stand up from a sitting position too, but Estee is ready for a walker now!!! Coppelia on the other hand is really good with her fine motor skills. We have an activity center at home and she loves to push the bottons and she is really good at turning the pages! She likes to swipe the pacifier from her sister and really tries hard to hold the bottle on her own. She is also taking up singing. It is so funny! We will sing la la la's to her and she sings back. I tried to get her to change from la la la's to me me me's (for her Aunt mimi)but she started crying, then I went back to la la la and she was happy.


Tami said...

Oh, thanks a lot Coppelia!! Little stinker! They are SO cute Hannah! I'm SO glad that we have gotten to spend time with them (and you). Even if we are all sharing germs!!

Mark & Julie said...

WOOOOHOOOHOOOOOO OMG. well, of course I hope only if you want to stay that long but that would be so cool. I hope I get to see you and your beautiful little ones before they are all grown up, lol. I'm so sorry you guys are all not feeling well.

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