Monday, July 28, 2008

Camas Days Parade

This past Friday was the "Camas Days" festival that included a kid's parade.  The 'Cousin's 9 Gang' took both 'First Place' and 'Best in Show' in the western themed parade.  All 9 cousins participated and helped in building the  covered wagon, canoe, and smoking brick fireplace.  

Check out all the action below:


Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! You all are so creative! I wish we could have been there to see you all (we had vbs).

Cute movie too :)

Anggi said...

Wow, Hannah, that is so awesome. I wish we would have made it to the parade to see ya'll in person.

Larissa said...

Hi Lele
we were so awesome!!!!
we won!!!!!!!

Tamar said...

That "covered wagon" idea was stinkin awesome! The fireplace was great, too! I love seeing kids and families doing stuff like this together!

I'm so bummed because I almost went to the parade, but then I decided not to. But Pete went with the older kids (he had to be there because he's working for a local state senator and they always do all the parades), so maybe you guys almost ran into each other...

mom@home said...

Thanks so much for posting the video. I saw on Heidi's Facebook that the kids won. It was so fun to see it.

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