Saturday, July 12, 2008

Growing up

It all seems so fast. On Wednesday Coppelia discovered her feet and will not let them go. Its rather funny, she is the most inflexible baby I've ever seen! She holds one foot and strains to grab the other, I'm sure she inherited her inflexibility from her Daddy (but I can work with her on that right?) The next night no joke she is sitting on her own. Of course I sit behind her because occasionally she tips over but it is so funny to watch that little tiny body sitting on its own.

Estee on the other hand has no interest in sitting only standing and walking. I keep telling her she needs to sit before she walks but she just doesn't listen. As soon as I sit her on the floor she is pushing herself up to stand. She lives in her walker and thinks she is hot stuff.

Both girls are working on rolling from back to tummy. Estee has done it once by accident.


Andrea said...

NOOOOOOOO!!! They are growing so fast!!

Naomi said...

I think you have a couple of geniuses on your hands :) Very smart girls!!

Stephanie said...

You need this!!!

It would be great for learning to sit up!

My aunt bought me one for Aiden, but it hasn't arrived yet... I will let you know how it works :)

Mark & Julie said...

WOW, sitting already!?!?!? Good for her, you must be such a proud mommy!
Ok, so when do we get to see you guys? Do I need to drive down there, because I will. Sunday's work best for us, but let me know when you guys are free. We WANT to see you and those baby girls!!!
Love ya

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