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Oh how I miss it here!

I'm convinced I grew up in the most beautiful place's ever! I love waking up looking out the window and seeing Mt. Hood and the Columbia river. In the back of the house is a forest I spent many day's exploring. Just a few days ago I sat with the girls in the front lawn playing and a deer came around the corner and watched us. Everything is so green (only because it rains like 9 months out of the year). I love taking my morning walk up to Dorthy Fox Elementary and on my way I always run into friendly faces and get to catch up on all the latest. I remember when the walk was mainly just fields and no sidewalks but it's all developed now. Some days I'll walk down the hill with the girls and visit some of the old favorites... the park, pool, top burger and on Sunday we even went to the cometary. On Monday we took a drive up Washougal river road, we went and saw the falls and the fish hatchery had a picnic and visited a friends house. It's some of the most beautiful country, you see hills and valley's covered in evergreen tree's.

This sweet town has changed a lot... we have lots of school's now (there were only 3 when I was little... elementary, junior high and high school). Sometimes I'm a little sad that I don't get to raise my girls here. But when they do come for visits I hope they'll be filled with magical memories like Camas days, going to the Liberty theater to seeing the latest Disney movie, ice cream at hill top, fresh produce from the produce store and did I forget to mention the craft stores here... I wonder sometimes how I'm surviving with out my craft warehouse and fabric depot!

First tooth

We have a winner... Estee Mackinnon got her first tooth this week. Monday her gum's where puffy, Tuesday nothing and today I saw that little tooth popping out. She wasn't fussy and never ran a temperature she was a trooper. I'll take a picture as soon as it comes up a bit more. Every time I try and put my finger near her mouth to look at it she starts sucking on my fingers... even when she is sleeping.

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Waking Up

This is one of my favorite times; waking up the girls after their morning nap....

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"