Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OH Christmas Tree

This is where you can find my girls most every morning. They bring out their instruments to serenade the tree. Notice the little candies on the baby gate? I found them at Walgreen's they are battery operated and all the girls need to do is press a button and the lights start singing and dancing. Now they keep their hands off the tree.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas time part 1

"CHRISTMAS IS BIG"!!! If you asked my Dad about he would always reply with that answer. Growing up some of my fondest memories where our house during the holidays. My Dad traveled a lot but one thing we could be sure of; he would always be there for the decorating of the house. It was an event, music played while we ate yummy treats and decorated for hours and of course the annual trip to the store when we bought a new set of lights. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I feel the same way Christmas should be BIG. My husband told me before we were married that he didn't want decorations up and out all the time but he would give me Christmas I could go as wild and crazy as I wanted... and so I do.

Typically I would put off this post till all the decorating was done but then it would never get posted. I tend to still be decorating and making things up to the last minute when it's time to start unwrapping the gifts.

So here is a few of my decorations, projects and favorite sites (cause I must give credit where credit is due)

Here is the advent calendar I made every single detail down to the glittered numbers for my Nieces and Nephews.

I found this


last year. I loved the idea but new there was so much more that could be done with it. I'll post another picture soon but I made these little red Santa bags that hang from each grommet. Inside each bag I planned something special for the family and some of these activities involve a beautiful decorated gift that they can open. I even re wrote "Twas the Night before Christmas" for each family. I have to same I pretty proud of it.

On the 24th day of December we have another family tradition. We have a birthday party for Jesus. We read the Christmas story, sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles on our pretty decorated cupcakes. So on Day 24 when they open their gift they will find party supplies and these party hats I made for each kid.

But once again I can't take the credit I'm obsessed with glitterville and took the idea from this fabulous company


so as you can see mine are not nearly as beautiful but I was making them for 8 kids and wanted to stay within my budget. It ended up being only $1 a hat.

Here is my garland (only half way done)

once again the inspiration came from glitterville... I literally drool every time I look at his handmade creations.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here is the family circus... typical me was still putting together costumes at the last minute. The last needle on my sewing machine broke and I had to pull out my glue gun to finish it. My plan were much bigger but its Halloween right.

Sister Love

One of my favorite things in the whole world is watching these two love each other. video

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Estee Moe

Oh my Sweet Estee Moe. You've always been my snuggle bug! Your full of hugs and kisses and run into Mommy and Daddies arms with so much joy. You've always been able to connect with people threw your eyes and your sweet little pats on my back make my heart melt. Your a smart little girl, the wheels are always turning. You may be easy most of the time but you know how to be sneaky. The girls at the gym child care call you "Miss. Mischievous". That is the perfect name for you! You sit back and enjoy everything around you but when the moment is right you execute your plan of attack.

Oh my little Coppelia

Oh my little Coppelia, you have more energy then 4 2 year old's (and I should know if I can teach a dance class to 8 of them) and your not even 2. You make this world colorful doing everything at 150%, from singing and dancing to throwing a temper tantrum. You have the biggest personality and continually make Mommy and Daddy smile! You have never been a baby, you came out with perfect posture and at 8 months got up and started walking like you'd been doing it for 18 years, I should have know you would be like this in every physical activity. You belong in the circus my sweet girl and I have a feeling I'll be spending many hours watching you from (the bleachers, side line or wings). You may be tiny but watch out world everyone see's you coming!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Running Over

Every night before bed we do our devotions. Now I know they aren't old enough to sing or say their memory verses or sing the songs so we use our hand motions. I just feel like its important to teach my children how much God loves them and even now they can learn to hide God's word in their hearts.

"Running Over" by Estee MacKinnon Guidry 16 months

Friday, June 26, 2009

Holding Hands

This morning for the first time Coppelia grabbed Estee's hand and wanted to walk around. First I grabbed my camera to take a picture because when you pull out a video camera they always stop. But the moment continued so I grabbed the flip and caught this sweet moment. As you can see it ended in frustration for Coppelia because she wanted to go to the Toy room and Estee wanted to play in the bedroom.


Friday, June 19, 2009

The talented Vanessa Ray

I don't like to post anything on this blog but family things so please visit my person blog to check out my friend and the newest cast member of "As the World Turns". I promise you wont be disappointed... and more then likely you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future... We love you Nessa!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Potty time.

We decided since the girls always go potty on the floor before they get in the tub we should get them some potty chairs... even if its just to get use to the idea. Well they have yet to potty in them but they do like to sit on them in front of the TV.


The girls love baby dolls! We like to put them to sleep, hold them and kiss them. So I decided to get them some bottles (add something to our imagination play) They knew exactly what to do. They like to feed mommy too.

Us at outside time... playing in the rain.

We like the pantry and now we know where the cheerios are

Mommy after a ruff day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Long story...hope it keeps you entertained

The Story of my last 2 days…warning I’m not holding back.

We have been in the market for some big girl car seats, I mean Coppelia is still about a half pound shy of the limit but that’s like a loaded diaper right? So finally we found the ones we wanted on Craigslist for $25 each! I emailed back and forth with the owner and we agreed that I would be there at 10 in the morning to pick them up, cash in hand. I was so excited about this deal I couldn’t sleep. We were up and ready and on our way to pick them up… of course Estee wasn’t feeling good and had thrown up on herself and both the girls screamed in the car the who way there. I show up at her house right on time (this never happens). Nobody was home… I called and left a message. Finally I get a hold of Tyler and ask him to check my email. Sure enough she has left a message saying that someone came by at 8 that morning and picked them up…. STEAM WAS COMING OUT MY EARS! When someone says great I’ll see you tomorrow, I assume that means come and get them they’re yours… well apparently some people are just mean!

Now I was bound and determined to make this a great day. So I went to the mall where I was planning on getting a few things for the girls. Well… our stroller is still broken and I had to put a girl on each hip to get in the mall and to the customer service to rent a stroller. The girls were not having it. They wanted to walk! The girls are pro’s at walking (and running) its following mommy that is a problem. I mean they are only 14 months. So finally I fought them in my arms all the way to the strollers and by now I’m sweating! Of course as soon as I set the girls down to pay the lady they take off in two separate directions. Finally corralled and in our stroller we head to baby gap for their big clearance sale. I got there at 10:30 so it was fully stocked and had piece I had been eyeing for months and all at an additional 25% off!

BUT… Estee learned a new skill…she discovered how to escape the stroller. I had to run and catch Estee 3 times before making a break from the store, while I have a screaming Coppelia who wants in on the action…. FORGET IT!!! I gave up… I left my pile and decided to just go home. Of course Estee is so excited about her new-mastered skill that she continues to escape while the stroller is moving in the mall….AUGH!

So we go home where I continue to be furious about the car seats…

Day 2 – today

Great morning! Tyler got up with the girls and let me sleep in a little bit longer (he is the best). We drop Tyler off at work and head to the gym where I did 45 minutes on the stair master (dripping sweat). Then I decided I wanted to take a tan… Because face it, when you’re a mommy of multiples you don’t have time to sun bath, do your hair or put on your make up so we are all about a quick fix to make us feel a little bit better about ourselves. But I made a mistake on the way to the tanning bed, Coppelia saw me… I still got my tan but when I came back the workers said they had never seen her cry so hard and she was with the manager of the gym walking around… and where should I find my little ball of energy…. In the workout room of course galloping in front of the full length mirrors admiring herself. Then they put on the big fans and she danced in front of them (She would seriously have fun at one of Melody’s girls nights).

We get home, the girls are asleep and bonus I get to take a 5-minute shower. Then I run wake up the girls feed them lunch and get us ready to run errands. This time we go to the mall and use are double jogging stroller, which nobody uses in a mall. The girls are wearing cut off jean shorts and wife beaters with no shoes and there hair is EVERYWHERE! We look like serious hillbillies! We get to gap where I’m bound and determined to get some things. Well today it was Coppelia escaping the stroller and making dashes towards the exits. She was pulling toys and clothes off the shelves and every time I got her back in her seat Estee and her would start a fistfight. Finally I decided to buy everything in my stack and I’ll just have to make returns later. We then go to bare minerals where I accidentally bump a girl getting eyeliner done with the stroller… WOOPS! Don’t worry she was fine, I mean I felt awful, I said I was sorry about 20 times but when she glared at me I wanted to burst into tears!!!

Next we need to head to the apple store to get a new computer charger. By now Coppelia refuses to stay in her stroller and could seriously hurt herself if she continues to dive out of it. So I stick her on my hip and push Estee. Now whoever invented the stroller with the fixed front wheel was seriously stupid!!!! So I’ve got my stroller tipped up so I can maneuver it (which makes Estee nervous) and a wild Coppelia who wants down or wants to scale me. We circle the mall 2x until we finally find the store and get our charger… during the exchange of funds I put Coppelia on my shoulders where now she sits proudly. I on the other hand feel like a circus act and feel utterly embarrassed by Coppelia’s behavior. While exiting the whole store steps to the side and starts clapping for me… I felt like the Jamaican bobsled team in cool running’s when the crowd starts clapping… I feel so touched I really might start crying. Finally we exit the mall, Coppelia has ripped mommies fancy ponytail out and I’m looking like 100 miles of bad road

Onto our next adventure.

Old navy return, no problem. Costco, no problem. Mommy is starving so I decide to get a frozen yogurt to share with the girl. Estee doesn’t like it so much, Coppelia wants to devour it. We exit costco and Coppelia is screaming like her soul has been ripped out… she wants the rest of mommy’s yogurt that she is no longer sharing. Did I mention I spilled yogurt all over my tank now I’m looking like 200 miles of bad road.

Next stop… WAL-MART!!!! Estee is an angel the whole time and sits in her car seat in the basket and Coppelia is up front… but she doesn’t want to be. Finally we are done… mommy is dripping with sweat and what little make up she has on is pooled up on the sides of her nose. We are home and I took pictures of myself as evidence to this long day.

Now I could look at this day and say it was horrible but it wasn’t… and I’ll tell you why….

When I was at Gap the lady said, “You are an amazing mother with the patients of Job.” This simple comment made my day. Granted it was my ADD medicine helping me out but she was right. This day before the medicine would have sent me over the edge but today I kept my cool, I smiled all day and was still able to give my daughters all the hugs and kisses that they needed and you know what no day is going to perfect, but every day and moment I spend with the daughters is a reminder of how good the Lord is and how he has never failed me. He saw my dreams and my hearts desire and blessed me… FOR THE LORD IS GOOD AND HIS MERCIES ENDURES FOREVER!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

update...promise more to come

I’ve been horrible about posting anything and now I find that life is speeding by. So let me get back into the swing of things by talking about my two little loves.

Estee- She is the child you want more of. She is always in a good mood (although doesn’t take long naps) She is always grinning, playing or wanting cuddles. She likes blowing kisses and saying “HI” to everyone. When you tell her no she swats her own hand. She lights up a room with the joy inside her.

Coppelia - Fire and ice… and a bit of birth control, and I love her to pieces! Every morning she wakes up and wraps her tiny little arms around me and gives me the sweetest kisses, oh her kisses are the best. She comes up to me through the whole day to give me these moments… but…when she is angry she is super angry! She screams at you with so much force you would want a voluntary hysterectomy. She is Wild!!! She runs with the big kids and holds her own… in fact she could probably take them.

Now a bit about Mommy… I’m worn out! I felt overwhelmed with life. Tyler told me to go get diagnosed for ADD (something I thought I had) sure enough I do and I have every symptom plus some for ADHD. Basically I had been feeling so overwhelmed I really felt I was become a bad mother. I couldn’t focus enough to give them the attention they deserved and needed. I wanted to be able to read one of my many parenting books and be able to focus to understand what it was teaching me…but I couldn’t. So I was given a prescription and it is like night and day, its like a fog has been lifted from my head. The first day this house was in tip top shape and by Day 2 we were on a much needed schedule… including devotions, school time, story time, outside time, dance time (because as much as I’d love it, it can’t always be dance time) and independent play time. I feel wonderful about this and to top it all off I have the patents and energy to be the best mommy to my daughters.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"