Thursday, May 14, 2009

update...promise more to come

I’ve been horrible about posting anything and now I find that life is speeding by. So let me get back into the swing of things by talking about my two little loves.

Estee- She is the child you want more of. She is always in a good mood (although doesn’t take long naps) She is always grinning, playing or wanting cuddles. She likes blowing kisses and saying “HI” to everyone. When you tell her no she swats her own hand. She lights up a room with the joy inside her.

Coppelia - Fire and ice… and a bit of birth control, and I love her to pieces! Every morning she wakes up and wraps her tiny little arms around me and gives me the sweetest kisses, oh her kisses are the best. She comes up to me through the whole day to give me these moments… but…when she is angry she is super angry! She screams at you with so much force you would want a voluntary hysterectomy. She is Wild!!! She runs with the big kids and holds her own… in fact she could probably take them.

Now a bit about Mommy… I’m worn out! I felt overwhelmed with life. Tyler told me to go get diagnosed for ADD (something I thought I had) sure enough I do and I have every symptom plus some for ADHD. Basically I had been feeling so overwhelmed I really felt I was become a bad mother. I couldn’t focus enough to give them the attention they deserved and needed. I wanted to be able to read one of my many parenting books and be able to focus to understand what it was teaching me…but I couldn’t. So I was given a prescription and it is like night and day, its like a fog has been lifted from my head. The first day this house was in tip top shape and by Day 2 we were on a much needed schedule… including devotions, school time, story time, outside time, dance time (because as much as I’d love it, it can’t always be dance time) and independent play time. I feel wonderful about this and to top it all off I have the patents and energy to be the best mommy to my daughters.

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Angela said...

So glad you're back! And glad you realized you needed "help"! We all do, in different ways, and at different times, but as long as we get it, we can enjoy life! Just don't over do, silly! I wish we could just "dance" all day. I need to add that to my life.

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"