Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Estee Moe

Oh my Sweet Estee Moe. You've always been my snuggle bug! Your full of hugs and kisses and run into Mommy and Daddies arms with so much joy. You've always been able to connect with people threw your eyes and your sweet little pats on my back make my heart melt. Your a smart little girl, the wheels are always turning. You may be easy most of the time but you know how to be sneaky. The girls at the gym child care call you "Miss. Mischievous". That is the perfect name for you! You sit back and enjoy everything around you but when the moment is right you execute your plan of attack.

Oh my little Coppelia

Oh my little Coppelia, you have more energy then 4 2 year old's (and I should know if I can teach a dance class to 8 of them) and your not even 2. You make this world colorful doing everything at 150%, from singing and dancing to throwing a temper tantrum. You have the biggest personality and continually make Mommy and Daddy smile! You have never been a baby, you came out with perfect posture and at 8 months got up and started walking like you'd been doing it for 18 years, I should have know you would be like this in every physical activity. You belong in the circus my sweet girl and I have a feeling I'll be spending many hours watching you from (the bleachers, side line or wings). You may be tiny but watch out world everyone see's you coming!

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"