Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh my little Coppelia

Oh my little Coppelia, you have more energy then 4 2 year old's (and I should know if I can teach a dance class to 8 of them) and your not even 2. You make this world colorful doing everything at 150%, from singing and dancing to throwing a temper tantrum. You have the biggest personality and continually make Mommy and Daddy smile! You have never been a baby, you came out with perfect posture and at 8 months got up and started walking like you'd been doing it for 18 years, I should have know you would be like this in every physical activity. You belong in the circus my sweet girl and I have a feeling I'll be spending many hours watching you from (the bleachers, side line or wings). You may be tiny but watch out world everyone see's you coming!

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Krissi said...

These posts about your girls are beautiful. They made me smile and sigh. :)

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