Friday, March 19, 2010

Garden Fairy Birthday Party

In the land of the fairies where pixies fly and roam, sits two tiny fairies whom call this garden home. Their birthday is near and they want you to say that you will share in the magic on their very special day. We’ll drink crystal bubbles from raspberry fountains, with pink fairy cakes of frosted mountains. So come to the garden and sit with your friends, you’ll laugh and have fun, until the day ends.

We turned the house into a fairy land obstacle course. We started off by the stream made with cellophane and leaped from lily pad to lily pad to go under the waterfall to pixie Hallow. We did our fairy stretches and earned our fairy wands. Next we entered the Meadow and played some games with the parachute. The wind from the parachute blew away our pixie dust so everyone was given glitter make up. Next we had to go threw the tunnel of terror, across the bridge of doom (balance beam) where they earned their fairy wings. We then had to launch our fairies to flight by going down the slide and twirling into the meadow. Once there we had to find the fairy treasure so we followed the leader (me) around the kitchen island with tip toe walks, marches, crawls and jumps. We then had each do a forward roll across the mat and run into the cave of hope and wonders (the hall way). We then found the butterfly garden (play room) where the treasure sat. But the treasure would not open so we had to dance as we had never danced before to open the chest. Finally the chest was opened and we all got our goodies and then they where all crowned for their bravery.

Needless to say I had way to much fun planning this and making all the props, decor and costumes... (way to many late nights!!!)

Coppelia loves Cupcakes!!!

Estee not so much a fan of sweets

This is Allison the girls BFF!

Jaden (he was a pixie not a fairy)



Erin said...

So ADORABLE! Great job Hannah!

Naomi said...

SO awesome.

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"