Friday, March 19, 2010

My two turned 2

This is how I found them... if you come to my house please remember to shut the doors!

I’m not sure I like saying that. Telling people they where one was hard and now two? It just doesn’t seem right. Time is seriously flying by and I just need to tell time to SLOW DOWN! Actually I probably need to tell the girls that too. They are so busy and quick. I’m thankful someone invented the belt, because as much as I’m trying to keep up with them it’s the only thing holding my baggy pants on.

When I was 2 years old my family went to the mall and was cornered by one of those survey people. Well I must have felt the need to stay busy because I decided to grab hold of the outside of the esqulator and ride it all the way to the top. My Dad raced up and grabbed me right as the belt was rolling under I looked in his eyes and said “again Daddy again!“

Parents always say your kids will be pay back… and yes I’m getting it times 2! THEY are FAST and they are STRONG and they can be very sneaky. But of course I love them to pieces and wouldn’t change a thing about them!

Copie is my talker. She is so affectionate too. She tells everyone she loves them and is always giving hugs and kisses! She is also the wild one still doing everything 150%! She is almost fully potty trained. She just gets to busy and doesn’t want to sit for 5 seconds.

Estee is my silent one but she is taking it all in. She is my little helper! She loves to do laundry, put away the dishes from the dishwasher and help me cook (her favorite is breaking the eggs). She still loves to dance and the girl still has freakishly good rhythm. She is super passive! She won’t complain about anything!!!!!

They are definitely my Sunshine makers! Everyday is brighter with them ☺


Brittny said...

The picture of them in the sink is priceless! What cute little girls!

Naomi said...

I can't believe they are two! But what I can believe is how precious they are!!!!

Erin said...

I love hearing about them and I just adore those pics! Happy Birthday beautiful girls!!!

Angela said...

Ahhhh! They have grown so much and what a Party! I love the pic of them in the sink! Yikes!

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