Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balance with Diane Barriere

LOVED THIS SOOOO much I had to share!

I have to admit I'm a dancer and pretty particular about my classes and usually not a fan of video workouts. I always feel like the video's that get put out there are just too easy and boring. But since giving birth to twins I've had no time for the gym and have been craving a workout!

I LOVED IT!!!! It was actually more challenging then your average workout DVD and my favorite part was it had a good flow. I hate holding poses for too long when all I want to do is move. It was such a good mix and I was actually sore the next day.

I have known Diane for 7 years and have never had a chance to go to any of her classes because we live in different states. But she is such an amazingly, sweet, caring person and if you ever have a chance to go to her classes do! She also has great taste in music and that always makes the class way better.

When Diane told me she was going to be making a yoga DVD and she was looking for music I was able to get her connected with my best friend Melody Plumb. Melody created a few of the tracks and she has one of the most beautiful voices. The tracks she came up with are very Imogen Heap meets Enya. Very relaxing yet you will want to listen to her voice all day.

I'm gonna give you another great reason to buy this DVD... Now till November 11th she is going to being giving a portion of her proceeds to Kidd's Kids ( ) its an organization that gives chronically ill and/or physically challenged children (ages 5 to 12) with an unforgettable adventure to Disneyworld. Having people in my life who have benefited from organizations like make a wish I can tell you first hand that something like this not only gives that child an opportunity to do something they may never have had the chance to do, but it gives them and their families memories to Cherish! I still hold on to my memories everyday and nothing can take that away.

So if your feeling like you could use a GREAT workout, or your thinking hey I just want to support such a great cause. Maybe your thinking Christmas is around the corner and someone could use the hint, don't feel bad about that hint cause really your doing it for the kids :)

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