Monday, December 27, 2010


She dressed up in my ballet costume and put her blanket on her head. As she was checking herself out in the mirror (something she loves to do) she said "I'm Mary, Where is baby Jesus?" So I had to get her a baby doll.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas so far

Estee decorating the girlie tree
The theme is "The land of Sweets" so lots of candy and ballerinas.

Coppelia likes to make the ballerinas dance

We went on the Polar Express Train with our Friends The Hailey's

Santa boarded the train when we got to the North Pole

Estee, Coppie, and their BFF Allison making silly faces

Mamah and PeaPa came to visit
Coppelia making breakfast with her Peapa

Mamah and her girls in the snow

Getting ready for a Mamah, Peapa Christmas

The Dickens Festival downtown Franklin

Girls and Santa (there picture was in the Williamson Harrold)

Girls with the Spirit of Christmas Past(picture made the front page of The Tennessean...two papers in one week, not bad)

Family shot

Still as cute as ever!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I know, I know... I'm seriously trying to play catch up. We had a crazy fall, we moved in September and I had October to unpack, organize a house and make 4 costumes. Now I know I could have gone the easy root and bought the darn things but that would have been the easy thing to do. Actually Peapa (Tyler's Dad) was turning 60 and a major party had been planned. So we flew to Houston for the festivities.

Now as cute as they were, I really had much grander plans for the girls. But plums aren't exactly cheap and I was working on zip time.

So with out further ado....

My little Vegas Show Girls.

Shake your tail feathers.

Radio City Rockettes - Their lives have been forever changed

These ladies made a GINORMOUS impression on my girls. Long legs, high kicks, glamorous costumes, make-up and tap shoes! Really I think Mommy had stars in her eyes too. The ladies came to our mall and performed only one dance and then Paraded Santa in. All the kids followed them threw the mall to bring Santa to his thrown. But my girls could have cared less about Santa they wanted to meet these ladies. We were planning on just getting a picture but Estee really wanted an Autographed picture too (silly girl). Then one of the ladies asked what their names were. Mommy says "Coppelia and Estee" and one of the Rockettes says, " oh like the ballet C-O-P-P-E-L-I-A".

I think Coppelia's world has been changed...she is still talking about them, shows me her high kicks and carries around her autographed picture.

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"