Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coppelia's quest for Jesus

You will see me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart. Jeremiah 29:13

When this sweet little girl was about 15 months old she was sitting in her high chair eating lunch. She looked up at the ceiling and just started giggling.

Mommy: "Coppie what are you laughing at?"
Coppelia: "God."

and then continued to laugh at the ceiling.

The thing about this is that I always say Jesus... Jesus loves you, Jesus made you, Thank you Jesus for our food.... So for her to say God was pretty big.

Then a few months back she was sitting on her bed and Estee asked to listen to music to fall asleep to. So I put on my worship music and Coppelia lifts her arms into the air and closes her eyes.

Mommy: "Coppelia what are you doing?"
Coppelia: "praising Jesus."

Now for those of you who don't know me I very much love God! But I'm not sure were she learned to do this. I'm teach Sunday school so I'm always with her in the class room and when I'm worshiping, I'm dancing!

This week after Sunday school I was cleaning the classroom and I told her it was time to go home.

Coppelia: "But I haven't seen Jesus yet."

Then as we were playing in the snow this week...

Coppelia: "Mommy I see Jesus!"
Mommy: "Where?"
Coppelia: "Over there!" and points (there is houses and cars all covered in snow)
Mommy: "Where? I don't see him"
Coppelia: "Over there!" pointing again its clean she is pointing at someones yard and its just a big yard of white. She starts marching over there. But I've got Estee wanting to go inside and I don't want her trespassing in someone's yard so I say
"no, we can't go over there"

This is one of those moments I regret I should have let her take me by the hand and let her walk me to the neighbors yard.

Have you ever seen the movie "Wide Awake"? one of my favorites. If you haven't you should.

Formerly "Scrambled Eggs"